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How do I buy Square Circle products?

Online by credit card, using the ShareIt! service:

Product   Price
WaveSurgeon   - Basic Click here to order the Basic version of WaveSurgeon $35
WaveSurgeon - Advanced Click here to order the Advanced version of WaveSurgeon $52
Möbius Click here to order Möbius $99


Product   Price
Upgrade - Basic to Advanced Click here to order the upgrade version of WaveSurgeon $25
Upgrade - WS Basic to Möbius Click here to order the upgrade from Basic to Möbius $69
Upgrade - WS Adv to Möbius Click here to order the upgrade from Advanced to Möbius $49

By telephone / fax:

Phone: 1-800-903-4152 ( 724-850-8186) Fax: 724-850-8187(United States)

Phone: +49-221-2407279 Fax: +49-221-2407278 (Germany)


Quote program number :

WaveSurgeon - Basic 130779
WaveSurgeon- Advanced 130725
Upgrade - Basic to Advanced 130780
Möbius 132088
Upgrades from WaveSurgeon to Möbius 132925 (Basic) / 132926 (Adv)

By mail:

Quoting the program number(s) above, send a check for $99(Möbius), $52 (WaveSurgeon Advanced), $35 (WaveSurgeon Basic), $25 (Upgrade from Basic to Advanced) , made payable to ShareIt, to:

US customers

ShareIt! Inc.
PO Box 844
PA 15601-0844

European customers

element 5 AG / ShareIt!
Vogelsanger Strasse 78

The ShareIt! Service

The service means that you do not have to exchange foreign currency for pounds. You are also guaranteed that Square Circle is aware of your order as soon as you place it (so the full version reaches you more quickly), and you will receive a full copy of the program by email within 48hrs.

Get more information at

All transactions are secure, and may be used world-wide. Square Circle has customers from virtually every country in the world! PLEASE NOTE: All details are encrypted when sent, and may only be read by the ShareIt! service.

Note to non US customers: our products may be less than you think! Use the currency converter at to find out!

Why should I buy Square Circle products?

Our programs are shareware. This means you get annoying nag screens, and reduced features in the downloadable versions. Besides getting a fully functional version when you order, you will be encouraging Square Circle to develop new products. The only way to get new features is to buy, and tell us what you want!

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