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Breakbeats, synth, and drum samples:
Analog Samples - many useful analog samples from rare synths;
DJ Sladd breakbeats - slightly less hip-hop orientated famous breakbeats;
Drum loops - breakbeats (in mpeg format!);

Kalava - Drum sample resource;

Loopasonic - Great archive of free loops and samples;

MAZ's Sound Tools - 60mb of free samples, along with a vast shareware software resource;

Music Machines - Hyperreal's sample collection (synth / drum machine);

One Stop Beats - MPC 2/3/4000, Wav and Aiff samples for sale;

Red Faux - Beat + synth loops;

SampleCraze - SoundFont developers for Emu/Ensoniq, and authors of custom sound banks and license free sample cds.

SampleNet - The Future Publishing sample website;

SoundWave's sample site - synth + drum machine samples;
Space Online - samples from NASA missions;
SynthZone - a list of sites containing samples;
Time and Space - sample CD manufacturers;

Walnut Creek - Walnut Creek's CD-ROM sample collection;

Xpress Loops -Preview, license and download music tracks and sound effects, with searching and previews.

Music related sites:
Akai - need we say more?

Akai Sampler Resources - full of useful articles on getting the most from your Akai;

AMPFEA - A Meeting Place For Electronic Artists... this hosts a lot of the old Teklab associated info, and incorporates what was;

Audioheadz - a fantastic new musician's resource;

BZone - cool Yamaha sampler editor.

Bram Bos - the site of the author of the lengendary HammerHead and new Tuareg drum boxes.

Creative Labs - get your AWE Control Panel and driver updates here...
Dance-Tech - the best dance music resource pages on the planet...
E-mu - manufacturers of the ESI and E4 series;
Ensoniq - makers of a number of fabulous samplers;
EX series homepage - a useful site for Yamaha EX owners;

FMJ Software - creators of AWave, an incredibly useful file format conversion tool.

Funkelectric - a nice musician's site;

FXpansion - producers of many useful music programs;

Heman - a very cool studio + multimedia outfit;
Little Drummer Boy Page - from the same author as Stomper, a cool drum sequencing tool;
Mixman - makers of useful mixing software;

Nemesys - responsible for the unique GigaSampler virtual sampler;

Pro Rec - the internet pro recording site;

Rob Papen - home of Rob Papen, top sound programmer, artist, and WaveSurgeon user...

The Sonic Spot - A comprehensive music software library with detailed descriptions, screen shots, message forums and helpful beginner and programming resources (it says here!);
Seer Systems - responsible for the Reality software synthesiser;
SSEYO - home to Koan, one of the most innovative music programs out there - 'The drag 'n' mix generative music power tool'. WaveSurgeon makes an ideal complement to Koan, as it autocreates SoundFonts for generative breakbeats...
Stomper Home Page - a very useful drum synthesiser tool which can be used alongside WaveSurgeon;
Syntrillium Software Home Page - home to Cool Edit, the most useful sample editor on the planet;
Turtle Beach, home of the popular Pinnacle;
Terratec, maker of the EWS 64 soundcard;
Roland, maker of the S range of samplers;
Yamaha's homepage - makers of the fabulous A3k / A4k / A5k samplers;

Plugin Links:
Aboretum - makers of the Hyperprism toolbox + Raygun plugins;
Antares -...Autotune. Do we need to say any more?

Dave Brown - writer of excellent Direct X / VST plugins;

QSound - Renowned plugins for 3d effects;

TCWorks - home of top notch plugins, including Native Essentials...
Third Ear - authors of the TubeWarmth plugin;
Sonic Engineering - responsible for the PanHandler surround sound plugin;
Waves Ltd - plugins galore;

Other links (in no particular order):

7th City, cool Detroit label;

808 State - 808 State's home on the net;

CD now - on line music store;
Ninja Tune, another innovative UK dance label;
Plus8, one of the best ever acid labels;
Transmat, the original, now reactivated;
The Designers Republic, a cool design agency;
Warp Records, one of the most consistent UK record labels;

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