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Release Date
WaveSurgeon - Basic
2.8 2nd August 2003
WaveSurgeon - Advanced
2.82 6th August 2003
1.2 5th July 2003

Patches to the latest versions are available below, along with demos.

Trial Versions

Download a trial version below:



Download Site File Size
WaveSurgeon - Advanced 2.8 U.S. (FTP) 1.17mb
WaveSurgeon - Advanced 2.8 U.S. (HTTP) 1.17mb
Möbius 1.20 U.S. (FTP) 1.26mb
Möbius 1.20 U.S. (HTTP) 1.26mb

These are self-extracting files. If you experience problems downloading, please email with details of your problem.

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Betas and upgrades

Square Circle can now offer downloadable updates from the web, improving ease of access to betas and new versions. These files are for registered users only.

Release upgrades

Upgrade Download Site File Size
WaveSurgeon - 2.56 to 2.7 (Basic) U.K. 1.02mb
WaveSurgeon - 2.56 to 2.7 (Advanced) U.K. 1.08mb

The WaveSurgeon updates are compressed executable updater programs, which will patch your existing installer files. NOTE: You require your original setup file, entititled WS256Basic.exe or WS256Adv.exe. Upon running the updater, enter the directory that your original setup program is in; once the process is complete, rename the install file to WS27Basic.exe or WS27Adv.exe.

Registered users of versions prior to 2.56, please email Square Circle for upgrade information, or send a disk with an SAE, and the new copy will be sent to you.

Beta software - for registered users only

Beta Download Site File Size
None Available U.K. --


PC plugins:

Plugin Name Plugin Type: Download Site File Size
SquareFilter VST U.S. 32kb

Mac plugins:

Plugin Name Plugin Type: Download Site File Size
SquareFilter VST U.S. 69kb

To use plugins downloaded from this site, simply download and decompress them, and place them in the VSTPlugins (or similar) directory of your host application. Please give us your feedback about this plugin to

Additional programs and utilities

Program Description Download Site File Size
Akaidisk A utility which allows wave files to be read to and from Akai series disks. U.S. 49kb
ASPI Download if you wish to use SCSI devices with Möbius or WaveSurgeon Advanced. U.S. ---
DirectX 9 An essential download for Möbius and Advanced registration users wishing to use DirectX plugins who do not already have it (you will be taken to Microsoft's download site). U.S. ---
Example files This zip contains the demo mid, sf2, and wav files from the evaluation version. U.S. 459kb
HTML help support If you cannot access the help file in Mobius, click the link and download the HTML help file reader (you will be taken to Microsoft's site). U.S. ---


Additional samples and breakbeats

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